2019 NCSEA Summit Recap




The NCSEA annual summit last fall was held in Anaheim, CA at the Disneyland Resort.  This year saw a record high of more than 800 people at the summit, which is growing every year!  It was a packed schedule with many opportunities to interact and network with other structural engineers.  It started out with the first annual SE3 National Symposium (Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity), which presented different challenges that an engineer deals with throughout their career and discussed practices related to retention and burnout, mentorship, and work-life balance.  Check out their website for more information about SE3! The education sessions held throughout the summit covered many different topics such as upcoming changes in building codes, new advances in material design and a couple different project highlights.  The sessions also included five keynote speakers throughout the week.



At the delegate sessions, we were introduced to the new strategic plan for NCSEA, received updates on the work of the different committees, and got a glimpse of how NCSEA at the national level is working to collaborate with other major engineering organizations: SEI (Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE) and CASE (Council of American Structural Engineers of ACEC).  We discussed with other member organizations in the Midwest ways that we can work together to share resources and ideas.  We shared ways to increase and engage our membership and to start and support young member student organizations.  Also, NCSEA has many great resources that can be found on their site here.  There were many great ideas that came from this summit that will help us to keep moving forward as we continue to grow and support our members of SEAWI.  The next summit will be held in Las Vegas, NV this November!

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