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2011, August 9 - Southwest Region Development

Our Madison-area members have begun efforts to increase the amount of programming that SEA-WI offers in the Southwest region.

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2015 Project Awards

2017 Spring Conference Presentations

New Masonry Ideas

Presentation slides of Conway and Rubenzer's presentation on New Masonry Ideas

Evaluation of Historic Structures

Presentation slides of Timothy Crowe's Evaluation of Historic Structures session.

HSS Fabricator

Presentation slides of Cathleen Jacinto's HSS Fabricator session

Post-Installed Rebar Design

Presentation slides of Nishan Pethiyagoda's Post-Installed Rebar Design session.

Special Inspections and Quality Assurance

Presentation slides of Kurt Steinhagen's session on Special Inspections and Quality Assurance

Understanding Geotechnical Reports

Presentation slides from Walters and Mattson's session on Geotechnical Reports.

Webinar Documents

2019 SEAWI Fall Conference Presentations

SEAWI President's Address

Information from SEAWI President, David Boldt, on recent news about the Wisconsin chapter.

Concrete Cracks Presentation

Presentation on common concrete cracks and how to repair them by Matthew Hansen of Euclid Chemical Company.

Masonry Connections Presentation

Presentation slides from the Connections to Masonry session by Sam Rubenzer of FORSE/IMI. Contact Sam via email for the spreadsheets he mentioned during the presentation.

WholeTrees Engineering Presentation

Presentation slides of the engineering of using full tree trunks instead of glued laminate timbers by Amelia Baxter of WholeTrees.