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President's Message

I hope everyone's new year is off to a good start!  It seems that the structural engineering community is maintaining the busy schedules that 2015 brought.  We have been keeping busy at SEAWI as well.  Our continuing education committee is always busy planning our next events.  We have also been working to make some revisions to the SEAWI Bylaws.  When SEAWI was created, we adopted Bylaws from SEAOI as a starting base.  As a Board, we have been working to modify these based on the how our organization has evolved.  Once the changes are finalized, they will be sent out to you, our membership for review and voting.  Since it is an election year, a little SEAWI voting may be refreshing.  

Speaking of votes, we have a number of positions within our Board of Directors that are coming up for renewal this year.  Our current Board has been doing an excellent job developing ideas, getting involved, and defining roles within each position.  We have had a number of new participants in various committees and hope to continue that trend.  Positions that are up for renewal this year include:

President Elect


SE Region Director

SW Region Director

Elections will occur in May. If you are interested in any position, would like additional information, or would like to make a nomination, please send an email to [email protected].

We are also excited to have a Legislative committee forming.  David Cockrum is leading the charge for this group and we are working to  open the door for discussions with DSPS.  As you may be aware, Wisconsin is in the process of reviewing IBC 2015 for adoption.  While originally scheduled for adoption in later 2016, it looks like it may be 2017 now.  SEAWI looks forward to working with DSPS to assist with the code adoption and other items that affect our profession within the State. 

If you would like to become involved in this committee or any others, please update your interests within your member profile on the SEAWI website and the committee chairs will be in touch. 

We enjoyed seeing so many of you at our Fall Conference at Marquette.  Thanks again to Dr. Foley for the lively presentation and engineering building tour.  And, congrats again to our award winners, Delta 3 Engineering and Flad Structural Engineers.  Since then we have broadcasted an NCSEA webinar and had an evening presentation in Milwaukee with the American Wood Council and a tour of Zalk Josephs Fabricators co-hosted by AISC.  We look forward to seeing all of you at our Spring Conference on April 22nd.  It’s time to get your 2hr Ethics continuing education!  Please visit our website for additional information.


Sarah Frecska, P.E., S.E.

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Project Awards

SEAWI held its fourth annual Fall Technical Conference at Marquette University. Thank you to everyone that submitted projects, the awards committee enjoyed reviewing each submission. 

A big congratulations our awards winners Delta 3 Engineering and Flad Structural Engineers! Delta 3 Engineering won the projects less than 5 million dollars with their design of the Eckstein Municipal Pool Facility.  Flad Structural Engineers won the projects greater than 5 million dollars for the design of the UW Health at the American Center.  Both award winners shared their projects with those in attendance.

Members unable to attend the conference missed the opportunity tour the new innovative Marquette Engineering Hall. Access was granted to the MARVL lab for a 3D experience and watch a mass dampener response to vibrations from bouncing on the stairs.  Dr. Chris Foley led the tour and presented how the new building is used as a tool for structural engineering educations.  Attendees were shown better ways to design and detail more constructible HSS connections by Cathleen Jacinto from FORSE Consulting.

The combination of the holding the conference at a new location and the content presented made for an excellent conference and one not to miss in the Fall of 2016!  

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Networking Night

SEAWI held its first Milwaukee Social at the Blu Bar and Lounge on October 27, 2015. Appetizers were provided and the venue provided live music and panoramic views of downtown Milwaukee and Lake Michigan.  The event was well attended and will be done again.  Thank you to Alan Rentmeester and Sarah Frecska for making this event happen!

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Innovative Steel Fabrication

The Zalk Josepths Fabricators tour on March 11, 2016 gave structural engineers a rare opportunity to see steel fabrication first hand. This is one of the most automated facilities in the world and gave attendees the opportunity to discuss the challenges of steel delivery and where engineers can provide value.  Matthew Brady of AISC presented along with Christian Simonson and David Sailing of Zalk Josephs.  We are thankful for the opportunity and for Matthew Brady and Meghan Scanlan for organizing this event!

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Seeking New Leaders

While nationally we are wrapped up in an entertaining and sometimes embarrassing presidential primary election, SEAWI is also preparing for its own 2016-2017 board of directors spring election. We are currently seeking new leaders to fill our outgoing board positions.  The following positions will be open for nominations:



Southwest Director

Southeast Director

Along with new board positions, committee leadership opportunities will be available. We anticipate opportunities with the following committees:



Continuing Education/Programing




Younger Member

Please consider the call to action to continue to expand on the organization’s mission! Contact any board member about opportunities to serve.

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As we enter spring, start thinking about your projects that can be submitted for our fall SEAWI awards program. Details will be forth coming on our website.  The national organization NCSEA also offers an award program  We will keep you posted on their due dates.

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Membership Renewals

The Spring Technical Conference is SEAWI’s biggest membership drive. We are continuing to offer a membership discount with the registration for the conference.  

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