SEAWI's Committees work hard to grow the organization and provide interesting and valuable information and experiences to structural engineers across Wisconsin. If you are interested in helping out, please email any of the current committee chairs for more information.


Communications Committee

Develop tools and resources to improve and enhance the image of structural engineers and of the profession itself to a broad audience consisting of students, the general public, prospective clients, and other engineers. See some structural engineering resources on NCSEA's website by clicking here. Also coordinates communication with SEAWI membership including distribution of updates from various committees. Committee chairs: Chad O'Donnell ([email protected]) and Jim Driscoll ([email protected]).


Awards Committee

Responsible for the organization of the annual SEA-WI Excellence in Structural Engineering Awards which includes the submission forms, choosing and coordinating judges, organizing awards, and presenting at the Fall Technical Conference. Committee chair: Michael Blodgett ([email protected]).


Continuing Education and Programming Committee

Works with the four regional directors to coordinate regional events. Plans both annual technical conferences including finding speakers, advertising, picking and organizing venue, and managing during conferences. Coordinates topics and advertising for webinars and other miscellaneous events. Committee chairs: Meghan Kiel ([email protected]) and Aaron Huberty ([email protected]).


Legislative Committee

Maintains contact with state legislation and heads up efforts to represent Wisconsin structural engineers in relevant code topics such as the stance on IBC Chapter 17 - Special Inspections. Committee chair: Brian Rinke ([email protected]).


Membership Committee

Maintains the membership database so that it is accurate, up to date, and easy to use. Sends renewal notifications annually to each member and reminder notifications to each delinquent member. Works with the Website Chair to receive new member information as provided by online application form. Provides NCSEA with membership lists annually and assists in the annual filing of the Membership Organization Report. Committee chair: Caroline Johnson ([email protected])


Structural Engineering Emergency Response (SEER) Committee

Promotes the involvement of structural engineers as second responders to perform damage condition assessments in the wake of disasters. Committee chair: Bob Steckel ([email protected]).


Young Member Group

Facilitates the formation, growth and success of the Young Member Group through outreach and support activities to transition students and young engineers into successful, professional engineers and future leaders of the Structural Engineering Profession.

SEAWI is working on creating a young member group and is looking for enthusiastic individuals to lead up this effort! Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in joining this committee.